Short Fiction  

Short Fiction

"Clean" forthcoming in Moon City Review 2020

"Collections" forthcoming in Moon City Review 2020

"Rear View" forthcoming in Moon City Review 2020

"Four Days and Seventeen Hours After" forthcoming in Flash: The International Short-Story Magazine, Issue 12.1, 2019

"New Life" in Dime Show Review, 2019

Dancing Turtles" in Microfiction Monday Magazine, 80th Edition, 2019

Micro fiction in Short on Sugar, High on Honey: Micro Love Stories published by Flash: The International Short-Story Story Press, 2018

"The Bittersweet of Peaches" in The Examined Life Journal, Issue 6.1, Fall/Winter 2017

"Little Basin, Big Bear, Tiny Star" in The Saturday Evening Post, February 17, 2017

"Not Her Husband" in PRISM International, Issue 54.3 Spring 2016

"The Speckled Folk in Shady Grove" in Soundings Review, Winter 2016

"The View from Room 128" in Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2015