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“Brianna is a marvelous character whose coming of age transfigures her, but the magic happens to each and every member of the Spanish Club as they learn to see past their differences and become a supportive and caring group of friends. The Spanish Club is a grand and enthralling work that succeeds on so many different levels. It's an awesome coming of age novel that's most highly recommended.”

– Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

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“Burnette offers an honest take on female friendships, especially at such a turbulent age….we learn not only about Mexico, but about all the characters in the novel and see their true colors. [The Spanish Club] teaches young girls….that they are more than capable of rising above the challenges that they will face.”

– Arianna Violante for Reader Views

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"With engaging characters and a well-drawn depiction of a high-school trip, the book is absorbing reading, raising questions about how racial, national, and personal pasts affect our individual presents and futures."

- Zara Rix for Booklist

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"Indeed, the rich imagery of the historical landmarks blossom on the page, and the descriptions of the people, the food, and the art should fire the imaginations of teen readers and instill in them a desire to travel to Mexico City and beyond.  That said, The Spanish Club is not a travel essay, but a young adult drama, stocked with classic teen yearnings, choices, vanities, and pranks. Author Burnette does a marvelous job of imbuing the narrative with colorful angst...making The Spanish Club a very good summer read for Y/A audiences."

 - Chanticleer Book Reviews

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When Brianna unearths a family secret, the life she’s known unravels. She trusts no one except Dana, her best friend. But Dana will move away at the end of the summer, leaving Brianna to face her senior year friendless and alone.

A last chance to bond with Dana lies in a summer trip abroad with the Spanish Club. Yet the promise of a once-unattainable first love, another painful secret, and Mexico—gripped in World Cup fever—threaten to rip the girls apart for good. As their lives hang in the balance, Brianna must find the strength and forgiveness to reconcile the friend she once was with the new person she desperately wants to be.

An honest coming-of-age, The Spanish Club chronicles the universal struggle to define oneself within the boundaries of friendship and love—even when the ones you trust break the rules.